Hello, Marhaba, Hola, Kilonsele 👋🏾

I’m Debrice Ross also known as BZA GRIOT or if spell check changes it, then it’s BZA GROIT… Yes I do go by both. I was formerly known as King Brice Bangn, you still hear the tag (oooohh king) but felt growth was need and grew out of that form of myself. I was born in Madisonville, Tx and currently call Bryan, Tx home. Currently I am working on building an entertainment empire of new music, artists, Creating Content, expanding my mind and so much more. I set no limit for myself and plan on networking with like minded individuals. More great things are coming under my name including a few small business ventures and investing opportunities. Feel free to ask anything. GROW AND GLOW.


I’m getting older and alot of things I feel that were a “must” when I was younger, I no longer feel they’re a “must” such as Holidays. We all in the American states mostly celebrated the Holidays from birth. The Holidays such as New years, New years eve, Valentine day, Easter, Mother’s & Father’s day, … Continue reading Holidays.

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