I AM as light as the wind, but still powerful…

I AM as bright and hot as the sun, yet still approachable…

My energy flows like water, but I won’t let you contain me..

I bring peace to the peaceful and a sword for those who are against me..

Debrice Ross “BZA GRIOT”

Hello, Marhaba, Hola, Kilonsele 👋🏾

I’m Debrice Ross also known as BZA GRIOT or if spell check changes it, then it’s BZA GROIT… Yes I do go by both. I was formerly known as King Brice Bangn, you still hear the tag (oooohh king) but felt growth was need and grew out of that form of myself. I was born in Madisonville, Tx and currently call Bryan, Tx home. Currently I am working on building an entertainment empire of new music, artists, Creating Content, expanding my mind and so much more. I set no limit for myself and plan on networking with like minded individuals. More great things are coming under my name including a few small business ventures and investing opportunities. Feel free to ask anything. GROW AND GLOW.

From the heart donations.

I love what I do but doing it cost time and money. If you enjoy what I do, feel free to donate anything from the heart. It is greatly appreciated and will be put to good use. Thank you.


PIMP JUICE Chapter 3.

“Are you okay?” Ruby askes, I must have been day dreaming or still trying to figure out what was in the bags from yesterday. Anytime she is up when I’m up for work, she usually makes me breakfast. Knowing she would see through the lie if I had told her so I just told her … Continue reading PIMP JUICE Chapter 3.


 The next morning I was awoken by the sun coming in and out of the blinds into my face. Beside me rest my beautiful wife, sleeping so quietly that you wouldn’t even known she was there. Kissing her so that I wont awaken her and rolling over to the edge of the bed. I read … Continue reading PIMP JUICE Chp.2

The boys and the gang.

Upcoming works..

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