BZA.G Thoughts..

life without good music and sounds.

From the moment we are born, we’re engulfed by sound. Many who can hear take it for granted and many who can’t see depend on it with their very lives. With my daughter being born 50/50 blind, I watch in amusement how sound drives her to dance and loves being around when I make instrumentals and music. Also with my grandma being a blind diabetic, I’ve been watching this for awhile now. In the music area sound drives the soul todo fall in love or invokes it to rebel with fire, we can’t deny how powerful it is to us in our everyday lives. We see and hear how we are no longer able to turn the radio on and hear good music let alone turn the TV on and find a good channel for it. We have strayed far from classical and orchestras and things that feed the mental and pleases the ear. I for one choose a good symphony over words that I can’t understand or lyrics I refuse to repeat. As a artist, I see all good music being surpressed by main stream media and sadly most do not have the connections, money or willingness to lose their soul for fame (it’s not that important). Programming is the ultimate weapon to the untrained who go thru life in bliss that nothing is happening but mentally you’re being vampires and spiritually drained. Sound or in the acoustic world, Hz are very powerful in deed and every bit of sound has its own Hz and they do influence us in many ways. With the human body being made of mostly water, it can change us on a molecular level over time.

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