A Stressed Generation.

Don’t kill…

Learn you a trade..

John lee Ross

The quote above always has rung in my ears since I was a kid. Everyday for most of us, life isn’t what we were taught for the most part. We were taught fear mostly, “if you don’t go to college then you won’t make it in life” “40 hours and off weekends” “bills!” Alot of these thoughts I know run thru many of my generations (90s) head. Me being now 30, I have yet to use half the things the failed school system has taught me. In fact, if YouTube started a school; I’d rather send them to “YouTube university” rather then to push them off into debt to drown and think thats life when it truly isn’t. I know people with college degrees being cashier’s at subway, still. Nothing wrong with it but what in the world is that? How does that make sense? How the society has failed the future generations is ridiculous and we’ll all pay for that. What sense does it make to build and build homes and keep others unaffordable and vacant? The older generation is hoarding everything I think and we will be left with nothing in a sense. I honestly believe that’s where alot of disrespect towards the older generation comes from, lack of sympathy and understanding. We are indeed the most stressed and yet still vibrant and I believe that leads to jealousy in away. I don’t wanna be 80 driving 15 mph in a 2065 Tesla. No jab but I’m sure if alot were younger, they’d do it right if they had the chance but alot I’m sure are sea salty that they don’t have that chance anymore. That’s where I think the jealousy comes in. I grew up around people 20+ years older so I grew quick and learned fast. This world, without help, without guidance and without love, will only get worse. You can’t take nothing with you when you die and that goes for everyone. Be blessed.

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