People’s entrances & exit’s in your life.

I am the opening act

The headliner…


You’re the star and villain.

The concept of grasping life as a play is no stranger, especially to the awoken star of it. Some go thru life not even paying attention to their destined storyline and always get plot twist. In some cases they’re to help grow but others are self inflicted. Why did I say “self inflicted”? Because you’re in control and we tend to run off people who mean good and keep the ones who don’t benefit us. The quote “let jesus take the wheel” is tossed around loosely without trying to apply his teachings to your life. I also find alot of people just going thru with no guidance except ego and a couple of gallons of past hurt trauma to fuel the ego; which in definitely starts to run and take over their life. People enter your life all the time. Rather you see them or you don’t, they’re there. How they leave is a different story because sometimes we’re fully helpless to the loss, no matter how great or small. The hurt comes  from holding on, like sliding down a rope with oil on it, all you can do is look up at something fading but that’s ok. Holding on can lead to traumas, reopened wounds, mental & physical health problems etc. Because you’re not supposed to hold on but learn from it, you’ll know who will be there but don’t throw guilt such as “you should of been there” because you also place yourself in certain situations that weren’t meant for you or the growth of your life. False love is thrown around and given away so much now, you’d think it was on sell with audacity and entitlement, buy super ego get bullshit for free, located a few isles from “fuck that”. I’ve had my fair share of it but “that’s ok” because I learned from it and plus alot of us are holding on to past cast members and objects from an early age. We around the age of five, start to take things to heart so imagine twenty-five plus years of trauma for alot of people. High school was the peak and fall of your younger life and the start of a new. That social experience is where alot of traumas come from. Tons of entrances and exit’s and you know people will swaddle that hurt up and nurture it from then until they die; who the hell wanna deal with that? Not saying they’re bad but I guarantee those kind won’t benefit you because you will always most certainly be the villain in their story, stay vigilant. That doesn’t serve purpose to your story but only gives weight and a redirection with a gps that has no signal. You’ll see many people don’t know their own story nor the direction of it. If you ask me, I’d say find yours and give plenty of self love. Rather then to follow the social narrative of others, branch off into your own direction. You’ll attract the people who are meant for your purpose. “You’re God having a human experience” ask yourself “was I really made to be this boring?” My answer, HELL TO THE NAW!! if you’re the most high (TMH) having a human experience, do you really think he or she would fall in line with social standards? Beliefs? Life? Or even that same unconscious storyline? No. At least I don’t think so. To go against the world standards may not go against your story. We all have a deeper and different connection with the cosmos or great being in the sky; so every view will be different and should be or this life will be as numb and boring as the next. The law of attraction is abundant here and to use it correctly takes mindfulness and patience, honing it will greatly benefit your story. Relationships are no longer enjoyable because you could be scripted into the wrong storyline and not to happy about the cast members and to society’s mental manipulation tactics which adds even confusion to a persons psyche. If you haven’t read or heard of “Cupid and Psyche by Apuleius” a good little read. Then theirs perfection when you find people who will be long standing cast members, who will grow to be family or true loves but even in some cases, if they turn to an antagonist then remember I said “that’s ok” and let them, it, or whatever exit.
-Debrice Ross

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