The Old Fisherman.

My Grandfather Elroy Hunter.

This story I never heard but was given to me by spirit one day and I hold on to it.

One day, three young men pulled up to the docks to what seemed like the perfect day for fishing. Grabbing their belongings and loading a rental boat up to depart. An old fisherman, walking with his hands in his pockets, walks over to the young men, “Hello” he says with a smile, “going out?” He asks. The driver jumps down off the boat and says “yessir, spending a few days out before graduation”. The old fisherman’s face turns a little gloomy, he says “why don’t you wait, I see clouds over the horizon.” One of the young men who rode in with the driver laughs a little, pulls out his phone “it’s a slight chance but I think we’ll be fine, thanks”. The old man pleads a bit more till finally the young men just drove off. The old fisherman bows his head. Later a storm hits, the following morning he steps out to see boats flipped and debris everywhere. Where the docks were, an ambulance, a rescue team and a few more emergency vehicles. He calmly walks over, the other fishermen and dock employees were standing around. As he walks up he notices the young men boat was still gone. Stands by an employee and asks “what’s the damage?”. The employee says “That guy is the only survivor of a boat of three that went out yesterday. The storm caught them but before anyone could reach them it was to late. The other two drowned and are unable to be found.” The old fisherman looked over and saw the young man. The young man looks up and him and the old fisherman link eye contact, for a few seconds they just stared at each other and then the young man drops his head.

My breakdown.

Never deny true wisdom and experience. We rely so much on other things and their calculations that we lose alot of natural instincts. To me, a elder who is living didn’t get that far not listening and gaining experience. Hence the old fisherman telling them about the weather but the phone didn’t agree. He saw something they didn’t and knew something that the phone miscalculated. The calmness of the old fisherman is the essence of experience, even after all of the damage, he remains calm. Seeing how the young man looks up and they lock eyes, more then likely gives them a sense of looking into the future and past temporarily. No experience vs years, can never be out done and should be highly respected.

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