After Tasting Honey. 🐝

Because even the bee can get caught in its own creation if it’s not careful, so you can to.” – Debrice Ross

Something so perfect, is truly worth it.🍯
A feeling of bliss rushes to the senses after feeling what one would call Euphoria. The pure feeling of something causing this much chaos to the state of mind would drive you crazy, you can’t help but to want more. Have you ever had someone surprise you with words and the actions to back it? You ever felt like “The Alpha” until he or she throws a complete wrench in your whole world? Running across countless and unworthy counter parts with a drive for nothing but low vibes. Experience the feeling of your body being taken up, your soul being nourished and your mouth left watering. The experience of your eyes rolling; a point to where you want to fight but in the end, all you can do is give in, why fight it? You’ll just stress the experience. To have something so unmatched that you could spend the rest of your life trying to find it. Why call it honey? Because even the bee can get caught in its own creation if it’s not careful, so you can to. To fall so deep or to have a guard up that you think is unmovable from being hurt, just to have someone come and make you reconsider your life is life changing. How deep is that? A lot of sugar is always bad but honey will always be a perfect substitute and addition. One taste is life changing, take the body of a woman. A woman who pays attention to her body, a woman that feeds her mind with knowledge and aura of positivity and spreads love. Love so fresh and powerful that a hurt man doesn’t know what to do with it. It gives chills from the thought of a woman that carries herself as one and tastes as though her body is a honeycomb. The honey of a woman like that is different in all aspects, from touch to words, to listening to understanding, that pure honey from the hive. Know that it’s only one queen bee. A mix with good sex automatically puts you in a relationship or the thought lingers with you forever no matter. Experience it because that is why you’re here, when you find it, hold it like Winnie the Pooh or let it go like a cold winter. You’ll know when you had it, just say “that damn honey” when you find it lol.- Debrice Ross (BZA GRIOT)🐘

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