Bitter and spiteful.

Like a shattered vase, somethings that have been broken will never be the same.

Debrice Ross

As a little boy Sam wanted to teach and was very outstanding in his community and as time went on, his brilliance only grew as well as his love for teaching. In his college days, he met his “tormentor”, katy thru a mutual friend. After college, they married and had two little girls. They adorded their father as well as he, even so much that Katy was jealous at the attention they were giving him over her. On top of that his career was flowing nicely and even though Sam assured her that she was the only woman he wanted, She didn’t believe it even if it was true. False claims started coming up and Katy like a jealous school girl ate the drama up. Adding to the flame, had a secret sexual rendezvoue with one of Sam’s friends after he told her that Sam was sleeping with a student, which was a lie. She started verbally abusing him and the girls, neglecting and also threatened with the police with false claims. These things all happened up until one day when he decided that they needed to divorce. With her career going no where, she added many stipulations including when and where he could see the girls. He disagrees with many but would work with some, she didn’t want that and wasn’t satisfied with the amount of support he would give so shortly thereafter, the court cases started. One day while during a class, the principal and two officers interrupts and asked Sam to step out and a substitute teacher steps in, Sam knew. He follows them to the principal office where the officers explained that he would now have to register as a sex offender. Sam knew Katy would try something but to take it this far was unbelievable. She had manipulated the girls into saying that he inappropriately touched them. They escorted him off the grounds, reputation shot, lost his job and the ability to be able to be around his students and his girls. After being unable to work, after years of paying lawyers, bills, fees etc. He was dead broke and almost homeless. Several years later after his oldest daughter twenty first birthday, he was found innocent after the youngest girl came out and told family and police everything but it was to late for a welcomed apology and far from the man they knew. Sam, stressed, tired, shattered, docile and worn was no longer useful to anyone. On many antidepressants, wasn’t even able smile at the news nor at seeing his daughters for the first time in many years and seeing his grand kids for the first time. Shortly after seeing him, the youngest girl commits suicide. The regret was to much to bare even if it was forced. Katy’s was devastated.


  1. What psychological aspects are present?
  2. How did this affect the kids?
  3. Who was wrong?
  4. Why would someone continue this type of relationship?
  5. Who all did this hurt?

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