Men and Bullshit Relationships.

What is so important about relationships that forces us into them, even with the wrong people? why is it that if the womans not happy then the relationship is in a bad position? If you don’t know, mother nature has away to keep our species growing and thriving. Sad to say my man; your happiness kind of dosent matter unless you’re indeed with someone who undoubtably is fond of you as you’re of them. I believe when you look at it from an unjudgemental stand point, we’re unknowingly doing exactly what we are supposed to but are we in the right way? I can say I’ve seen more happy and faithful boyfriend and girlfriend relationships then I have with married ones and 2021 just started. Working all day for no appreciation or to find out another was bouncing your woman while you were getting wore down at work is not the best thought. I feel you shouldn’t have to pay to get away from somebody. The thought of marriage (again) gives me chills. Imagine you on the grind forty plus hours a week and have a beautiful woman at home handling business, the life right? Well, we can assume life is perfect in that picture but lets look at today versus then. We know the “house and pickett fence” statement or at least that’s what was sold to us (millennial) and not the fact that they planned on throwing our whole generation into straight jackets with cell phones in our faces, with the option to set everything on auto pay from wages that don’t add up to all your bills. We’re are also burdened with finding a compatible mate and the numbers keep dropping. Sad to say if you don’t have your own kids by now, you’ll end up raising someone else’s from the looks of it. That’s like playing a video game but the person just throws you the controller and says “ill be right back, play for me” now your stuck with weapons you might not like, bad health and now you have to do their missions. In opinion kids aren’t the problem, the mother is. Women are primary custody holders over fathers for the majority. You could get a on top of her shit mother or you can go for the “poor little me” mothers, either or both can still be flawed, but all I’m saying is pay attention or lose yourself. Always be aware if you don’t plan on taking a relationship serious right now.

My Warning To Hurt Men and bachelors.

As a man we try to for the most part, try to bottle our feelings (no one is saying its bad or not but it will eventually come out) and sex is most definitley not the way to help cope with feelings nor is drugs. We tend to think some good cooch will help us get over some deep trauma but it can and could make it worse. Women are natural caregivers and nurturers and men are natural protectors and providers, its unnatural for a man not to be that. IT IS NOT A WOMANS JOB TO HEAL A BROKEN MAN, GROW UP. That’s where your main problem will start, not knowing that pussy wont cure you. Heal first then seek a relationship or just be single, never hurt to have that type of peace because once that is gone it is gone. Rather then blaming other people, realize that everything is your fault. Your reaction to the action is your fault in totality. Here’s the problem with a hurt man or person in general but for now I’m speaking to man. Love changes after being hurt but its up to you if you wanna stay that way  but it changes and takes time to heal. I know most of you consider yourself as a “stud muffin” with a iron heart but that can easily be broken. Never go into war with a chink in your armor, that’s exactly what is like for a unhealed man who’s looking for love. Its real succubus out here that prey on weak and hurt men. Possibly the most ones to avoid are the ones without a father or male figure that’s telling them right from wrong or a mother who actually tells them basics of womanhood rather then instilling that men ain’t shit (That’s a curse believe it or not). You gotta look at the generation before us, the whole get married and find a home and have kids deal is pretty much overdue for a change. Our generation cant possibly go about that type of business the way they think but I think the elite of the boomers knew this was going to happen and now its even more easier to pay for relations then to deal with a bogus relationship, take away sex and a multitude of relationships will fall because they have based their relationship totally on sex, not a drop of intellectual conversation. We know the conundrums that the government has placed on mothers to pretty much  rid the man of alpha statues at home, Medicaid, food stamps, child support etc only bums thinks this can replace a hard working good man. so if you look at it, we’re dealing with the results of government assistance babies with no real respect for men because a man was never there  and many “don’t need a man” mostly need government assistance. I think the scariest thing is the fact that you could be in love but your money is loved more then you’re. Not saying single mothers are cold, but you gotta pay attention. Especially at the spiteful ones who are trying to get back at an ex or in that range, its no limits to what she’ll do to get back at them or whoever especially if she is immature. If you can heal alone, do so because once you feel like you can love again, their love will probably be gone and then you’re left with the “what the fuck” look. Never look for a relationship while hurting, never let anyone force you into one while hurting either, that gives them steering power of the whole relationship.

 Before I close this little topic I just would like to give a heads up. If you’re dealing with a woman who has kids and she actually has control of them and her situation then she is a keeper. Ask yourself how many women want a bum? None. Ask yourself again “do I want a bum?” get help if you said “YES”. you can be picky as well. You’ll find many women have multiple kids with you coming in and being the only benefit. I know tons of women out there might turn their noses up at the statement but a lot of guys I’ve spoken too, preferably the older gents say they would never date a woman with kids while others set a reasonable one to two kid limit. The fact that women should respect themselves enough not to let every Tom, Dick and Harry bounce off in them just because he sale dime sacks or has ten thousand followers on youtube, is the same reason men judge them on multiple factors such as kids and other things. Who wants to raise or take care of a child with a bum? Nobody. Which is why I say “being a step parent isn’t bad, it depends on the mother”. Moms are known bashers when it comes to fathers even good ones. The worst mother I think is the one that never gets her shit together, not after the biological left and not even after multiple new men. Whats worse is the mother that bashes the good step dads, STAY FROM THEM. In fact, anyone that does nothing but bash and keep the bashettes around them you should steer clear of. As soon as she show signs of not having your back when it comes to disciplining the kids but has no problem with you paying bills LEAVE. not saying letting you beat the hell out of them but basic home training. There’s more healthy fish out there with less problems son, most women want free baby sitters anyway so that’s why I say “Pay attention” and as soon as you see a problem, nip it in the bud. The last thing you wanna do is have kids by a woman that would drag you the first chance she gets.

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