Is beauty a curse or a blessing?

Have you ever been attacked because your facial features are more pleasing to the senses then most? Have you been told in common words that “you think to much of yourself?” The hate that comes with looking better then alot of people can come from family members and close friends. We enjoy looking in the mirror as kids. It plays out that way in tons of movies, books and in real life. Countless people have been abused, belittled and even avoided because their looks maybe to much to handle for a person who isn’t fully comfortable with themselves. Jealousy for sure follows behind the thought of someone who isn’t secure with self, so much that they don’t like you anymore based off that and you wouldn’t even know it. How many women have been abused by their mother just because they envied their daughters beauty who more then likely looks just looks like them and rather then appreciating the gift of beautiful offspring, becomes engulfed in hateful spite.

I myself prefer natural beauty over a battered face queen who’s foundation doesn’t even mix right with their skin. Just to see a woman who can naturally make her self shine just from what was God given to her is truly divine. Sometimes it’s more so self sabatoge to think you’re ugly, over thinking on how the world See’s you can kill you.

Beauty & the beast.

How many times have you seen a couple that weren’t fitted to societies standards of why they shouldn’t be together? Who determines if a ugly person should be with an ugly person and good looking with good looking? Most people who try to fit the standards end up only being jealous of their lover. There’s plenty of beauty to go around as you see on tv, you just need a little money I guess. You’ll never be television perfect. It looks stressful and clearly costs to much. Besides, your career could be on the line just because you woke up ugly one morning because you missed all your cosmetic appointments etc. And a little wrinkle popped out, tragic.

Cupid and Psyche.

Have you ever heard of the story of Eros and Psyche? Her beauty provoked the wrath of the goddess Aphrodite. A mortal who was envied by a Goddess so much that she sought out to have her killed and was accomplished but only by Psyche’s curiosity and wanting to be even more appealing to win back her lost lovers heart. She said nothing to Aphrodite but was still hated by her until the beautiful goddess finally stopped her jealous wrath due to seeing that her jealousy was only in vain. Eros love not only got her, her life back but but also was able to get her immortality. This raises my curiosity to ask, can God get jealous of his and herself?

No matter if you’re ugly or beautiful, it’s up to you to know that you’re your biggest judge. Don’t set your standards based of social norms to fit in. It’s enough room for everyone to feel good about themselves and even though you might think you have to drop yourself standards to adjust, don’t. Even the beautiful Psyche found love after many were to intimidated to approach her. Hold high regards of yourself so no one can break you and make you feel ugly.


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