BZA G Story #1

Tea For Stanley.

  Intrigued by the items outside of the store that he routinely passes every afternoon, Stanley decides to go in out of curiosity. Being a rational and to some one sided, the smooth faced Stanley is all about a win and  a sell. As the dust from the old shop fills his nostrils; accompanied by a bell ringing above the door, a few steps forward and the door with force slams shut. He jumps back and is hit with a cloud of dust in his eyes, choking from the dust forced out by the slamming of the front door. He looks around to see what he can see. With barley slither of light with dust particles coming thru the windows that aren’t covered by something, yet still curiosity pushes him further. He makes his way down a clear little pathway trying not to bump into anything. In his mind a good brush up against one and damaging it could be a reason to lose some of his money unwillingly. He gets to a box that has a strange engravement on it and of course its covered in dust. Beside it is a few more curiosities. A monkeys paw, an old book with German writing, Stress balls, trinkets and other odd items to accompany the oddness of the others. Moving forward in what seemed like a maze, the small store looked bigger on the inside then it did on the outside. Turning a corner and he looks to his right, A mannequin of a old man was standing, gnarled over, looking directly at him. Shakingly he approaches the lifeless looking figure. No sound except the clicking of items with mechanical moving parts, his footsteps and between was him hearing himself breathing heavy. Approaching him now face to face, eye to eye, squinting at the wrinkles, liver spots, grey hair, slit eyes, bent over, tailored suit old figure. Thinking to himself “ This looks to real to be a mannequin” while in thought, the figure yells “What are you doing!?”. The old man yells as Stanley falls to his back. If it wasn’t for him keeping his composure; his hair would of turned white. Not being able to tell if the old man is looking directly at him, he gets up and introduces himself. “Stanley and you are?” and puts his hand out to welcome a handshake. The old man looks Stanley up and down and leans back “I’ve seen you, what do you want? And I don’t welcome your traditional greeting of the hand. I’m busy, what can I help you with?” Stanley wondering if he is busy, what is it he could be doing without any customers, “I’m curious to see what is it that you do here? I’ve seen this place here for awhile but I’ve observed no one coming in or out”. The old man still looking at Stanley says “Is that all your concern? You bring donation or blissings? Sit down”. He motioned Stanley towards a corner with chairs and a little table. “Ill make some tea” the old man says and walks off. Stanley looks over to the chairs and nervously proceeds to the closest one. Sitting down and observing the more stranger oddities around him, now noticing the smells of the incenses burning and the candles making the crystals dance near them, the way they all seemed to make the mood settling but still errie was odd to comprehend for Stanley. The old man reappears with a tray of warm tea and honey. Sitting it down on the table with his crunched up hands, pours a cup and gives it to Stanley. He grabs it and says “Thank you”, the old man reply’s “Pour your own Honey”  and proceeds to sit. Sipping on his glass and looking at Stanley says “you wondered in here for a reason and ill let you find out” Stanley looks and reply’s “Is this a physic intervention? You haven’t told me anything and how I don’t know this isn’t poison?” the old man still piercing him with his gaze says “Your not that important to kill, you’ll kill yourself on your own”, Stanley pauses and like a deer at a pond taking a drink but staying cautious of surrounding predators, looking at the old man, drinks some of his tea. The old man asked “what do you believe Mr. Stanley?”, Stanley reply’s “I believe that we hold our own fate, what is God doing to make things better for us?” he say’s with a smirk. Laughing Stanley reply’s to his own question “nothing, absolutely nothing. I haven’t seen him like I’ve seen my father’s” sipping more of the tea and relaxes. The old man say’s “Your father’s? what about your mother’s? how do you not know if he is a she?”. Laughing while sipping, after swallowing and feeling the warmth of the tea and noticing how vibrant the room has become, looking down into his glass “this is a man’s world old man” he says. Looking down into his glass the ripples seem to move slower and slower the more time passed as he stared on. Looking up from his fixed gaze, the old man now appearing to be looking directly into his soul. “You stink and not only that, your aura is insulting. The words that come out of your mouth, I wouldn’t feed to a pig nor would I spew such trash into someone’s mind. You know nothing”. The old man stood up and started walking towards him, Stanley could not move. The old man grabs a bundle of herbs that were near by him  and lights it on the candle. Terrified but stiff as a statue, Stanley watching his every move, now silent and unable to move. With a vigorous blow the old man sends a gust of smoke into his face. Stanley deeply inhales and his head slumps to the right with his eyes open in the seat. Keeping his eyes fixated on the old man. He squats down and whispers “I must break you” and the old man starts to melt like a block of cheese left in the sun, the room starts to transition into a color pool of vibrant and dark colors melting together. The old man with his melting face, now drooping like a wax figure in a oven says “breath, don’t fight it” and he pushes him backwards. The chair falls into an abyss, dark and light is swirling around him, a hand from the dark side comes out and grabs him, soon after a hand grabs him from the light, after a back and forth tug in what seemed like forever; multiple hands had grabbed onto him. Infright Stanley tried to oppose both but both seemed to have an unbreakable grip. He looks up from his struggle and notice now a giant being with a sword as big as the giants body with multiple eyes around his head, the giant without hesitation lifts the sword which cracks the sky like a rock shattering a window, stars pour out and as he brings his sword down and as it cuts thru the sky, more stars fly out like sparks from metal rubbing metal. The giants sword comes down on Stanley, perfectly cutting him into halves. One light and one dark. While some how observing this himself, the two new entities start to fight with every blow shaking the surroundings. A mouth pops up in the sky and an eye opens above it. The two entities stop fighting and looks at it and down slams a tipping scale. Two creatures appear with mallets and simoustanously swings them, slamming the light and dark entities together back into one. A hand reaches from the sky grabbing Stanley and pulling his heart out, throwing it on the scales, the scales then tipped down from the heart and the eye vanished. The hand throws Stanley into a water like substance and he instantly starts to sink to the bottom. Reaching for things to grab that wasn’t there really at all. He falls and hits the ground but on impact bounces right back onto his feet. He hears the old man voice saying “the more you fight it, the more you excite it because the void knows you’re weak”. The ground slowly starts to pull him down like quick sand into it, cartwheeling thru a space of infinite colors, colors in which he’s never seen before and neither could comprehend. Shapes passing all around him bumping into eachother making and forming new shapes. Suddenly with a slam, lands back into his chair and quickly leans forward. Wide eyed and confused, scanning for the old man who was up dusting the items. Without turning around the old man says “the more you think you know, you see that you don’t”. Stanley shakes his head and stands up still not comprehending what just happened, walks out of the store. Standing on the corner he looks back at the store to find that the store was old and rundown, no one ever seemed to have been their at all.

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