Being Slim And Gaining Weight.

My weight has always stayed around one hundred and fifty pounds and struggled to gain and maintain just a few pounds over, mainly in high school which was highly due to a high metabolism. Now that I’m thirty, I still only have gained a little over fifteen to twenty pounds but being a sanitation worker and moving all the time for over eight years has allowed me to not own the typical “dad bod” that’s standard for men but I had to work for it still. Moving around so much and lifting trash cans and heavy bags while also doing one thousand push ups a day for two years will probably give you a sense of my activities. Push ups helps a ton; them alone already shaped me before I even stepped in a gym but the gym gives you that motivation and other people working out can be real encouraging. Even if people make fun of you for being slim, most bigger people are fluffy, as in all fat and no muscle and really they would like to get your size in some cases and they always say “you need to eat” but they’re the ones obese. When losing weight you must remember; that even if you lose weight far as fat, you may not lose mass because of muscle you’re gaining, You could possibly gain weight while working out but it’s healthy weight, muscle weight.

I say this and I mean this, do not base your diet off someone else’s, you’re already letting yourself down. If you don’t see results in an expected time frame or not looking like the person who is giving the tips then you probably will never hit any goal. Focus on what’s working and not hurting.

When it comes to nutrition, I pretty much do not do macro or protein counting or any other counting anymore because it’s way too time consuming and recording everything yourself won’t always add up right. My method is to eat more healthy then bad and not over do it with either if that makes sense. Eat but be smart. I personally can’t woof down two hundred grams of protein a day in food form, not even protein shakes. It’s not healthy to force yourself to over eat. It’s hundreds of diet pills, videos, workouts, coaches and such to help people lose weight but you can’t go by what everyone else is doing but instead learn your body. Ignoring your body is like ignoring a hole in a boat. The body is so magnificent that it copes with and adjusts to the strains that we put on it and is able to repair and replace without you doing anything as long as you’re putting the right things into it.
What helped me to add a little weight is fruits, plant protein, whey and vitamins and minerals ( mainly b12, d3, multi vitamin, tumeric and copious amounts of herbs and supplements), eggs and the love of my life; Peanut butter! My favorite to add is sea moss to my shakes, it has ninty-two of one hundred and two of the minerals and vitamins that the body needs daily. I do warn if you never had sea moss before, it’s going to turn your drink a little fishy.

Mama didn’t raise no quitter though right? I think the fact if you have tried many shakes then you know alot are untasteful. I can take a tablespoon of black seed oil without gagging, took a few tries but I’m here and now two years in. Have you tried bladderwrack and black walnut oil before? If so then the fishy-tart taste shouldn’t be a problem, that mix if beyond describing.

My suggestion is to workout at least thirty minutes a day, vitamins and supplements, drink a reasonable amount of water, eat right, go outside, get enough rest and read daily. Rather people know it or not, you’re only as strong as your mind is, if you’re mentally weak then you’re possibly physically weak and won’t have the capacity of intelligence to be self driven. Audiobooks work just as well.

I can’t tell you how you should diet but go with what your body agrees and disagrees with combined with researching products and items and asking questions. Listen to people who have tried the products and just not blindly go by the label, most labels are false including tons of organic but so are the people boasting of a product they’ve never tried. Everytime your stomach growls doesn’t mean you need to eat and sitting around for hours won’t help you lose weight no matter what you eat or what you drink, that’s not how things work. It is a hassle at times but why wouldn’t you wanna look good and feel good? It only benefits you in the end. It’s ok to gain weight and it’s ok to lose it but anything that put you in a bad state has to either go or be balanced out.

My workout method is full body pretty much every workout. Three groups of four to five routines incorporated (ex. Bench, Rows, mixed curls, sit up and squats is one group) I found doing this allowed me to chizzle up better and grow quicker. I rest weekends but the weekdays are hammer time. Not to mention I just look at the ground and wanna do a push up. I wait thirty minutes after a workout before I intake any protein.

If you’re interested in the herbs I have taken just comment and let me know because those things are amazing and I have a story behind my journey of learning and experimenting with them. Please don’t for get to like and share, working on more things for our growing minds and bodies. Feel free to ask any questions. GROW AND GLOW- Debrice Ross (BZA GRIOT)

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