War Behind you. (A poem By Debrice Ross)

My brother and his moon.- Photo by BZA G

What would I do?

If I love you then I would go to war behind you.

If you love me, you wouldn’t use your love as a tool.

One bad day and it would be war behind you.

One tear would rally a million troops.

Battleships would leave docks armed and ready to set the cannons loose.

The world would tremble, birds would fly confused.

I gathered everyone I could because of you.

Every Man, Woman, Child and Animal would fight for the right cause.

War on your worries and anxiety would be declared until the threat is resolved.

Gun smoke like the clouds had fallen from the sky because of you.

If i’m wrong and was the one to hurt you, let me war with myself until I find the peaceful words I need to bring to you.

To show you that I’m not your enemy but standing ready beside you.

If not me then who?

It would be war declared behind you.

Debrice Ross

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