Pimp Juice By Debrice Ross

Chapter 1

 As the cold winter day started at County Line Disposal’s, a meeting was called concerning if we had work today. After almost losing control and going in a ditch, you would think Logan who was co-manager of the place, would of just told us to stay home but instead felt the need to have a meeting. On my way I recall seeing a car in a ditch, it was so cold that the officer didn’t even get out his car, just really stared. No one was in the car but I am pretty sure he was thinking, “what idiots are out in this type of weather?” we’re the idiots clearly. I noticed the noticeable difference before hand, I made it into work thirteen minutes early and even stopped for donuts and coffee. Scanning my i.d. tag and headed towards where I see Ben sitting with an upset look on his face and with his arms folded over his chest while resting on his stomach. As I’m making my way across the room, Dennis who sounds like he always has a frog in his throat says “Joey boy!” then suddenly I’m pulled down by Tic Tac, mouth to ear, roughly whispering “Say man!”  his normal breath mixed with his morning breath smelled worse then most of the trash I have thrown in all my fifteen years, “I hit your cousin up and she ain’t answer. She feeling me or not?” Trying to hold my breath, I break from the unwelcomed conversation and just say “She feeling something Tic”. I look back over at Ben and he’s folded over with tears in his eyes. “Man this bullshit meeting pissed me off but that was funny as fuck” he say’s still laughing. He knows the power of Tic Tac’s breath and I just caught a full dose of it. Plopping down in a seat Ben was sitting next to, three seats from Ben was Heavy, pretty much sitting on two seats with a blank look on his face probably thinking about thinking. “HEAVY!!” I yell to him. He shake’s his head out of his trance like state and with a cartoonish smile say’s “Ayyy JOEY!”. Heavy has been a trash man for over twenty-six year’s and doesn’t plan on changing it. He was about six foot and three inches and weighed well over two-seventy. He stays on the yard mostly because every time he has to ride on the truck, he ends up bending the steps or breaking a trash can. As I’m sipping my extra dark coffee; Logan walks in, “Good morning men” while wiping his face, we all return the greeting. Sitting in the front row was Mug, no soon after Logan gets to his board, Mug askes in his tough guy voice “why in fucks did y’all call us to come in for this shit? You see we can’t do a damn thing!” even though Mug is usually trying to pick a fight, he made good sense so whoever ass he wanted to whoop behind this obsured meeting; I support. Logan takes a deep breath and with a tired breath of words “you know who, does it look like I wannabe here to hear your mouth?” we all know pretty much when boss man tells us we work then we work. It’ll take a tornado and lightening mixed with a blizzard to shut this place down. I’m already irritated so I ask him “Where is he? The meeting started fifteen minutes ago” . Right when Logan was about to give me his answer, his phone rings. He answers and steps out and returns a few minutes later. Mug askes “Was that your booty call?” Logan looks up from his phone and says “No, your mother, I missed placed her key last night so she wouldn’t try to follow me.” Mug turned tomato red. “That was the Boss Man, he’s on vacation in Asia and didn’t know what the weather was like over here” Being that we haven’t seen him in awhile, it made sense. Ben furious, jumps up “What kind of bullshit is this!?” as well as Mug had jumped to his feet slapping his forehead and licking his finger tips “bitch my mama don’t know you!” he yells . Old man Joseph sitting some chairs down from Mug say’s “Aww shit!” with excitement in his wrinkled face. You’d think somebody his age wouldn’t be so messy. I get up and tell Ben I’m out, “I’m right behind you” he respond’s. This type of thing always happens here. In the middle of calming Mug down, Logan says “you’re still getting your hours” which calmed Mug down but Mug not being able to count, would have been good with four hours. We Step outside the door and it was dark clouds over the city. Looking up at the unpenetrable layer of clouds that were possibly bringing more rain, I say to Ben “Something has to happen, I don’t care what it is” our other coworker named Perry comes behinds us and says “I agree” with a deep voice. He continues to say “It’s not right that we get a weeks worth of vacation a year but he gets weeks. I haven’t really seen him in a month almost.” I reply “That’s the game, work for someone or work for yourself” Perry shakes his head agreeing. Logan walks in between us headed to his truck, you could smell the hint of whiskey he had in his coffee mug mixed in with his coffee. Opening his door he says “I’ll text y’all in the morning to see if conditions are better” cranks up and leave. We headed out as well.

To Be Continued…

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