The next morning I was awoken by the sun coming in and out of the blinds into my face. Beside me rest my beautiful wife, sleeping so quietly that you wouldn’t even known she was there. Kissing her so that I wont awaken her and rolling over to the edge of the bed. I read somewhere that if you’re not up within five seconds of waking up then your body goes back into a restful state again. I look over to see the little light that tells me if I have a notification on my phone pulsing, I knew we had work today but I also knew it wouldn’t be as bad with some of the roads being closed due to the weather conditions, making some parts of the routes unreachable. I look over at the clock and it reads six-forty-five A.M. About an hour until I headed to work which was only ten minutes away from where I lived. Erecting myself to my feet, I notice my morning wood. I look over at Ruby and thought ‘A few minutes wouldn’t hurt’ but I’m not a fan of breaking her sleep and I’m still pretty satisfied from the other day which left both our hips sore and her vagina a bit tender. Grabbing my work clothes out of my drawer, I head down the hall of our two bedroom apartment and headed towards my sons room who’s asleep with the remote in his hand and who appears to have been eating the birthday cake we had brought from a party a few days before. Four year old’s just don’t give a fuck. I straighten his room and discard what was left of the old cake and left the cake covered clone of myself and his blanket for his mother to deal with. Preparing my morning cup and while also rolling a hemp wrap and cooking breakfast, I grab my mail under my arm as I finish fixing my plate. Being that I’m not to fond of bad news, I open bills a day later. Head to my man cave in the back yard, halfway there noticing miss Tin’s poodle has been shitting in the yard again. Opening the door to my sanctuary, hitting the switch as the lights start to flicker to come on. Plopping down in my torn and dusted lazy boy. The first unreasonably big piece of mail was from my credit union, just telling me an update to policies and that my credit line has went up. The next one was for payments to Amazon, who knew even staying home doesn’t save money. Behind it is more bills, almost a half an encyclopedia of them it felt like. why do I have all these bills and no money? Can’t complain about it though. I sit back in my chair reclining, putting the earth rolled in goodness and what I believe to be the finest of hemp wraps essence in the air. My mind, body and soul release, damn bills. I know the bills are still there its just the point of having a clear mind to sort somethings out is always helpful and I don’t think the man likes that. The thought of slaving for hours a day just to make a living doesn’t sit right in my spirit and here this piece of shit is taking trips on us. I try not to dwell on those types of thoughts for to long. I finish and grab my things and head out. It seems the roads are mostly clear and when I was pulling into the yard, Buck was pulling off, blasting his air horn. Ben shortly pulls up after me. As I prep the truck, he looks over the paperwork to see if anything new has been changed. While I prep; I look across the yard, the style of trucks we have on the yard are front loaders, side loaders and rear loaders; two of each truck. Besides looking at the trucks; Mug and Perry who  also work rear load was arguing over who will drive first, Perry likes his morning naps but Mug is just Mug. Tic Tac and Ms. Fowl drove front loaders. I forgot to tell Tac what my cousin said. Rick and James, truck three and Ray and Cole was truck four of the recycle. I work on the rear loaders, truck five. Two man job, we just rotate, one drive and the other picks up. We do a lot of places in and outside of the city. It pays decent but always could be better but not to tarnish anything, Logan looks out for us as much as he can but he’s crooked himself. The benefits are worth it, not to mention that I scrap the extension cords and old cords off of old and neither working appliances and resale them to the junk yard for on hand cash. You get a good price for a bucket of yellow brass or clean copper and to the fact that people in all reality throw away good stuff, even brand new sometimes, easy money. I just call my brother up and set stuff aside for him, most of the customers I know personally so they don’t mind and prefer not to just toss something out to get rolled over at the land field but neither have time to discard it to charity. The down side of the job is what we deemed “Pimp juice”, the back where the trash goes also collects any and every fluid that we pick up from garbage cans, containers and rain water collects in a bowl. Whatever goes in the trash pretty much turns the bowl of the truck into a unsettling bowl of soup that if one splash gets on you or your skin, you’ll more then likely wanna pressure wash it off and throw your clothes away. Just one drop of  this stuff I’ve seen bring down the strongest of men, even made them walk off the job. One guy eye had got infected and he still hasn’t recovered. When it rains, that’s when it gets the worse. If we don’t undo the drains then it holds gallon’s of water maybe hundreds and trying to contain it then is compromised. Think about riding around town with a overflowing pool of trash on the back while trying to turn a corner and not spill anything. People stop and slam on there breaks with disgust on their faces as they see the water pour out. Not to mention all of the critters we come in contact with Scorpion’s, Spiders, Snakes, Animals and of course people and they’re sometimes the worst encounter. I had a young lady who called the job, who was a costumer complain that I had cussed her out and threw her cans. Old man Joseph dispatches; he said “When I asked her what did you look like? She said he was a fat black guy. I laughed because you look like you weigh only a buck fifty” he says while chuckling but those types of things happen all the time, you pretty much have to look over it. As I’m closing the door Ben askes “You heard?” I curiously look over at him with a raised brow, “ about what?”. He closes the driver side door and says “about working at the games for some over time?” I’m never a fan of turning down money but last time I worked a game we all got fucked out of hours and over worked so I had to decline the offer. He throws the paperwork on the dash and says “I’m going maybe find me some skins while I’m there. Lin has the kids so I suppose ill enjoy myself. I met a lady on Facebook with a unibrow still kind of cute. You and Ruby wanna double date?” Ben’s always trying to go on double dates with me and Ruby, only reason I agree to any of them as ridiculous as they seem is because me and her joke about it afterwards. As bad as Ben doesn’t want to admit, Lin isn’t the problem. The fact that he’s almost forty still trying to club is a problem. She might have flaws but I for one think you, yourself should change and then the rest follows but if nothing else changes then continue your change without it.

Our route only changes when there’s a new customer or road work but nothing to much ever varies. The first stop for many years is an old man with a dog who slams up against the chain link fence, everyday, every year, he does this. I swear if he gets out, I know he is going to dig into our asses no doubt. I try not to even make eye contact. Next door to the satan dog is an elderly lady named Mrs Tidal. I walk up to her Trash can as she walks out mugging the dog over her glasses. The dog lets out a quick little bark as Mrs. Tidal responds “Go to hell’s where you belong prick” and smiles at me. “Good morning Joey” while shakingly handing me some folded money. I try to refuse but old people get aggressive if you turn them down, “try not to over due it, I’m going to pay bills” and turns back and walks to her vehicle. Finishing the day up, as we park the truck we notice everyone had already left. All but a few vehicles including Logan’s and a few other office people. While grabbing his things Ben says “I’m done for today, let me know if we’re double dating or not motherfucker” I just tell him that ill check with ruby. Going over the end of the day truck report and route sheet, Two unfamiliar vehicles pull up to the back of the building. Intrigued, I get out and go over to where they went. Looking around the corner, I see that they’ve backed in and have paper plates, two men step out of one vehicle. Logan steps out the building door. Reaching for a bag that one of the men was carrying, the other guy slaps his hand and laughs and then puts his finger in Logan’s face and says “Don’t fuck this up worm” then grabs the bag from the other guy and shoves it into Logan’s chest. Holding the like a well protected child; Logan says “I haven’t yet, just keep the money coming”. They open the trunk and threw out three long bags. You’d think they were throwing away old punching bags the way they thudded against the grown. The two men then close the trunk, gotten back inside of the vehicle and then both cars pulled off. Logan with the bag held like a new born, grabbed one of the bags the two men had thrown out and drug it inside the building.

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