PIMP JUICE Chapter 3.

“Are you okay?” Ruby askes, I must have been day dreaming or still trying to figure out what was in the bags from yesterday. Anytime she is up when I’m up for work, she usually makes me breakfast. Knowing she would see through the lie if I had told her so I just told her and her reply was ”Probably bodies”. Shockingly; that was not the answer I expected but she does has brains along with her beauty, “Think babe, it’s a trash company, bodies could be picked up and no one would even bat an eye at it.” She has an doubtable point. No wonder the main question I get from customers is “Have you found any bodies yet?” but no I have not. As I finish and give Ruby her kiss, the thought lingered. Pulling into work and everything seemed normal. While Ben prepped the truck, I went over to talk to Buck who was oddly still on the yard. I walked up to him with a friendly greeting but it startled him and made him jump and yelp a little. I’ve known Buck for over fifteen years and nothing in this world could startle this solid man. He turned around with a worried look on his face, “Oh Joey, what’s going on man?” as he looks around me. I ask if he was ok and he looks off into the distance and looks back at me and says “I’m good brother, just tired. I broke down yesterday and was out.. pretty late..” as he pauses and blanks out again. “You sure you’re okay?” He looks at me for a moment and says “Joey, if anything happens, get the fuck out of here.” He then motions me to the side of the truck. “Last night when I got in, Logan was still around, this was close to ten o’clock. He was in the shop and must of didn’t hear me pull in but I thought some idiot had left the truck on or whatever, I don’t know so I go into the building from the back side. I saw Logan with some bags and other trash on the ground; throwing it into the back of the rearloader. The weird thing is he struggled with the long black bags and ended up tearing one and an arm fell out of it half-way. I damn near shitted on myself”. My eyes widened and I thought about what Ruby said, she was spot on. He continued “That’s not even the worst part of it, he scooped the bodies and you know it was a lot of Pimp-Juice in the scooper. The whole thing turned red, I almost fainted.” I started looking around and asked “Did he see you?” he was livid with his response “I hope fucking not! What the hell is going on here? Have we been dumping bodies? O god im a killer! I helped kill and hide somebody!” I grab the big fella trying to calm him down but I think he started going into a nervous breakdown “I should of called in!” he yells. “Calm the fuck down man shit I saw it too” I tell him. He then looks at me with tears in his eye’s “Not you too! No, not like this, I just wanted an honest job but I’ve just been honestly throwing people away! what if he knows!?” I tried to assure him but that if he would only shut up, no one would be the wiser. He shakes his head and agrees, sniffling “You right, I gotta stay cool, right?” that’s it at least.

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