Elephants set paths and their strength is not just for show.

The Elephant with being a path setter and one of the keystone players in the shaping of the world; never once glanced down at the slightest bug, blade of grass, dirt, tree nor flower in order to set a path. It knows its duties in setting the trail for the next generation to feed the next with less strain, other animals can now do the same or to help even humans to find a new location to call home and start a new life. With strength should come the understanding of purpose because what would be the purpose of all that strength, all those muscles and not know what to do with it or how to use it.


African elephants are keystone species, meaning they play a critical role in their ecosystem. Also known as “ecosystem engineers,” elephants shape their habitat in many ways. During the dry season, they use their tusks to dig up dry riverbeds and create watering holes many animals can drink from.

National Geographic.

Is your strength just for show or are you trying to go off the unbeaten to set a new trail?

Sometimes only you’re necessary to start and make a change.

I make music.



  • Your personal rights.
    Daily affirmation. 1- I have the right not to be perfect. 2- I have the right not to be logical. 3- I have the right not to know something. 4- I have the right not to deceive myself. 5- I have the right to my personal opinion. 6- I have the right to not please everyone. 7- I have the right to be indifferent to …
  • What a beautiful morning.
  • Watch “Vegas 2019” on YouTube
  • Watch “Golden Sky Ent.” on YouTube
    https://youtube.com/channel/UCEtYGIjY2ED7lYzYcAyKAbQ Subscribe for more content and things from me and the family. Love and thank you for the support.
  • War Behind you. (A poem By Debrice Ross)
    What would I do? If I love you then I would go to war behind you. If you love me, you wouldn’t use your love as a tool. One bad day and it would be war behind you. One tear would rally a million troops. Battleships would leave docks armed and ready to set the cannons loose. The world would tremble, birds would fly confused. …
  • The Old Fisherman.
    This story I never heard but was given to me by spirit one day and I hold on to it. One day, three young men pulled up to the docks to what seemed like the perfect day for fishing. Grabbing their belongings and loading a rental boat up to depart. An old fisherman, walking with his hands in his pockets, walks over to the young …
  • The more time you spend alone getting it, the more your price should go up!
  • Sooner then later, the plants will take back over.
  • PIMP JUICE Chp.2
     The next morning I was awoken by the sun coming in and out of the blinds into my face. Beside me rest my beautiful wife, sleeping so quietly that you wouldn’t even known she was there. Kissing her so that I wont awaken her and rolling over to the edge of the bed. I read somewhere that if you’re not up within five seconds of …
  • PIMP JUICE Chapter 3.
    “Are you okay?” Ruby askes, I must have been day dreaming or still trying to figure out what was in the bags from yesterday. Anytime she is up when I’m up for work, she usually makes me breakfast. Knowing she would see through the lie if I had told her so I just told her and her reply was ”Probably bodies”. Shockingly; that was not …

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