I’m getting older and alot of things I feel that were a “must” when I was younger, I no longer feel they’re a “must” such as Holidays.

We all in the American states mostly celebrated the Holidays from birth. The Holidays such as New years, New years eve, Valentine day, Easter, Mother’s & Father’s day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and all those other in between celebrations. I have nothing against celebrating but I do have a problem with blindly following.

My opinion, of course I love the whole meaning of holidays but I think a few of them if not all, you should do everyday. Why wait to go all out to show love just one day? (Valentine’s) I bet alot of people don’t even realize this could be a problem in your relationship. Not enough love because you’re waiting on a certain day. Why wait to give a child something on a certain day? (Christmas) if they deserve it then give it to them accordingly; would you want your boss holding your raise until a specified day and you deserve it right then? Why not show a mother or father they’re appreciated everyday? Do they not need to be uplifted everyday? What if they need it everyday? What if the days never come again, then what?

To much research has made many things to me inconclusive. What made them choose those days? There are so many stories about Christmas that you will probably never find the original meaning; I’ve found things from the evil kid grabber Krumpus to the color of Santa’s coat being the color that it is because of the psychedelic mushrooms that grew at the time. Supposedly old saint Nick would climb or crawl up the side of a snow covered home and drop a few mushrooms down the chimney, Santa had people lit thru the winter. Even pertains to a festival around that time (Saturnalia) where they wore goat heads and if I recall had sex with them on and did a few things you can’t speak of. I don’t think we really know everything that we’re celebrating and we should be careful who we give our energy to.

In the times we’re in, it’s more important to show things everyday because tomorrow is not promised.

I’m not saying anything against what you believe, just believe in it because that’s what you wanna do and not because you were taught it.

Show love, give freely, show appreciation and celebrate everyday. Everyday should be a Holiday.

My daughter says “happy birthday” alday, everyday and you know what? Everyday you awake is a birthday.

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