Gains for skinny people.

To have a high metabolism is a blessing and a curse, even if you can technically eat whatever you want, you’ll still burn it off but contrary to popular beliefs, you still shouldn’t just consume whatever. Being overly active doesn’t work either. Many factors come into play while trying to climb the mountain of gains. Many have tried, many have fallen. With all the muscle mass, whey, plant protein based etc; we all should be healthy Hulk’s. Foods we’re surrounded with are getting worse and odd looking, going to the grocery store for healthy food have now become either to high or slim Pickens and ends up being a type of Indiana Jones quest. It’s like everything has literally become distasteful and has went up overnight a dollar or two but I digress.

We’re not here to discuss the burden of good food and seeking it but I said that to say; it cost to eat healthy and it cost to gain mass. I’ve tweaked my methods so much for me personally, that I’m only hoping that they indeed work for you or someone else. I try to stay natural as possible for a clean and healthy gain.

My old choice mix.

We can go all into macros and grams of protein and all the little details but honestly, I’ve tried everything including counting calories. You’ll get tired of keeping track of all that before you get tired of eating, trust me. A person a hundred and forty pounds; give or take, can gain plenty of mass off hand just by working out, easiest start is push-ups. I tell slim as well as big people “don’t focus extremely on your weight because you could be converting fat into muscle” I think focus more on your regiment and what you eat. Muscle brings mass. It’s better to gain weight by lifting then eating, why would you wanna gain weight strictly by eating? Best way to get “Man-boobs” my friend.

Good nutrient dense and well balanced meals for the most part as well are just pieces of the pie, you must take supplements. Almost no way around it. None of the meals you will eat, will have all of the nutrients your body needs. Sea moss is the closes thing to having all of the nutrients that the body needs in it, 92 out of 102 to give a range. If you can get past the funk of it then you will have yourself a guaranteed healthy addition to your plans.

A couple of supplements I take or my “go to’s” are multi-vitamins, Spirulina, Tumeric, Beet root powder, Flax seed oil and Horny goat weed.

Protein powder that I started off with was GNC’s pro bulk 1340, this mix has one of the best on flavor and mixes well without a blender. Serving size is worth the price as well.

I’m currently on Body Fortress Whey Protein powder which I consider neck and neck with 1340 on mix and flavor.

Serving size is cut but for the price, it’s worth the pick up and I mix that with a scoop of Six star Casein Protein powder;

being that Casein is slow releasing, I take it after nine o’clock or before bed, I prefer mixing with water to help somewhat avoid an upset stomach but I do warn, you will poop… You’ll be fine. Don’t forget your creatine, that’s important. A 30 gram Priemere Protein shake or two during the day with a peanut butter sandwich will always curve your hunger. I found some granola protein clusters from Nature Valley that’s thirteen grams of protein per every 2/3 cup and they’re perfect by themselves but couples good with coffee. Coffee is also a good substitute for a pre workout.

Avoid anything that upsets your stomach or makes you feel like it’s to much. Don’t over eat yourself, that’s why you take shakes and supplements. Unless you’re growing your own food, take caution and cook and clean your food well. Drink alcohol responsibility, why would you drink it after or before a shake? On gain days; I’d say don’t drink to keep a focused diet or even smoke anything. If you hate that pre-workout tingle, drink a cup of coffee. If I feel the need for a pre-workout drink, I only drink half and at least two bottles of water during a workout. Remember what you eat affects alot of your weight, health and energy no matter how big or small you’re.

A potato, parsley and onion taco from my days of cutting back on meat.

With me being a trash man, imagine what I consume just to even maintain weight. If you’re not to active then this will be a breeze for you, just add a few days of workout through the week and you will be set. Feel free to ask any questions.

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