After Tasting Honey. 🐝

“Because even the bee can get caught in its own creation if it’s not careful, so you can to.” – Debrice Ross Something so perfect, is truly worth it.🍯A feeling of bliss rushes to the senses after feeling what one would call Euphoria. The pure feeling of something causing this much chaos to the state of mind would drive you crazy, you can’t help but … Continue reading After Tasting Honey. 🐝

People’s entrances & exit’s in your life.

I am the opening act The headliner… Idlewild. You’re the star and villain. The concept of grasping life as a play is no stranger, especially to the awoken star of it. Some go thru life not even paying attention to their destined storyline and always get plot twist. In some cases they’re to help grow but others are self inflicted. Why did I say “self … Continue reading People’s entrances & exit’s in your life.